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Popular applications include:


Wood Products


Snack Foods


Calcium Carbonate



Conversion coatings on steel and aluminium

Organic and aqueous based Coatings

Moisture, oil/fat, coat-weight and film thickness are standard measurements, but  other constituents may be possible upon request.

Process Sensors Europe, Ltd. (PSE) Is located in Corby, Northants, UK.

PSE supplies the MCT Series of on-line real time NIR Moisture Meters. The MCT 360 can measure moisture, oil and coating thickness in solid materials during the manufacturing process.

The MCT is equipped with current and voltage outputs for automatic control, along with RS-232/485 digital communications. Field bus (Profibus, Ethernet, etc.) are also available directly from the MCT moisture sensor.

The MCT Transmitter is robust and reliable, even in hostile factory environments. The MCT Moisture Meters are routinely used in diverse industries such as tobacco, food and snackfoods, paper converting, chemicals, wood processing and minerals.

PSE prides itself on providing excellent technical and commercial support to customers and distributors throughout the UK and Europe.


Process Sensors has recently developed  RF (radiofrequency) moisture meters; both on-line and off-line (RFM-1000 Series), to measure moisture in dimensionally stable products such as gypsum board and lumber, also unprocessed or partially processed cereals and a colour gauge, the MCT Multiplex.


Moisture sensor

Regardless of whether your business is the manufacture of bio fuels, or you specialise in the production of animal feeds, the production process is undoubtedly governed by stringent guidelines and specifications. And this is why the inclusion of our moisture meters in your production set up is absolutely imperative. If you’re looking for a global leader to supply your operation with all the latest cutting edge technology, you need look no further than ourselves. Since our inception in 1996 we’ve seen our sales figures grow continually and when industries from such diverse backgrounds as tobacco manufacturing and food production are looking for a trusted supplier of moisture analysers and moisture content devices, an increasing number are turning to ourselves. If you’re involved in production lines or manufacturing processes, you’ll know only too well that there is no margin for error and even the slightest anomalies can ruin the product that’s being processed. But thanks to leading edge products like our NIR MCT360, a wide range of industries can now effectively and accurately measure the moisture content resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.

Accurate data, when you need it

Those involved with bio-fuels look favourably on the MCT 360 and the ATEX 22 – MCT 360 moisture sensors, because not only do they provide accurate data, but they also help to keep productivity at premium levels at all times. Over moist and humid atmospheres can cause blockages, which are of course detrimental to all production line processes, but the inclusion of a state of the art and accurate moisture sensor can alert operators to problems before they actually occur. Online NIR technology is something of a saving grace for many different industries and regardless of whether it’s used on the line itself, or in a laboratory environment, the general consensus of opinion is that it plays a vital role in the area of manufacturing and processing. Irrespective of whether it’s with regards to the production of animal feeds or wood, quality control is of paramount importance and thanks to the continuous information that devices like the laboratory NIR MCT 660 moisture meter provide, those standards need never slip. Installing an accurate moisture analyser is indeed a sound decision and the state of the art devices that we have to offer undoubtedly have the ability to help keep that production line running smoothly.

At the cutting edge of innovation

As a forward thinking and innovative firm, we’re continually striving to develop new products that meet the demands of a wide range of industries and perhaps this is part of what makes us a leader in this ever more relevant and essential genre of technology. A moisture meter is an increasingly common sight in labs and on lines around the world and it’s fair to say that this leading edge technology is an essential requirement for many industries. The development and launch of the stainless steel MCT 366 moisture analyser heralds a new era in this genre of technology and where the dairy, food and pharmaceutical industries are concerned, its arrival can only be viewed in a positive light. This is just one example of how the team here at PSC continually strive to provide blue chip products for the world’s leading industries and we work long and hard to ensure that everything about our operation is top drawer. If you need to measure moisture content during the manufacture and processing of minerals and paper, the MCT 360 moisture sensor can be relied upon to deliver the goods and being that it requires no routine maintenance, it makes for a sound investment all round.

Moisture measurement

As a business, we understand that it’s imperative that our customers get the very best out of the products that they purchase from us and with this in mind; we continually strive for excellence in everything from sales and service, to application guidance, customer training and technical support. Getting the right device that suits your needs is all important and if you’re unsure which moisture analyser you need for your laboratory or production line, please feel free to get in touch and we’ll provide you with comprehensive advice. The cutting edge products which we supply will provide an unfaltering level of service and with the benefit of a two year warranty, built in peace of mind comes as standard. Regardless of whether the device that you purchase is applied in the wood, tobacco, or even food industries, it’s safe to assume that they will help to keep productivity and profits at premium levels. Technology evolves on a continual basis and when it comes to supplying continuous and reliable data, the technology we supply most definitely leads the way. Industry in the modern era requires the very best and there’s no question that our innovative products can provide exactly that.

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