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 MRF Series - HHRFG Handheld Moisture Gauge

HHRFG Handheld Moisture Gauge

HHRFG Handheld Moisture Gauge


For a full product spec please download our product document.

AdobeThis document is an Adobe pdf file, if you cannot view the document then please download the software from here [download]

The MRF series are radio frequency based analysers that determine the moisture content through measurement of the dielectric constant of a product. The HHRFG is the hand held unit.


  • Fully Representative Bulk Moisture Readings
    RF penetrates the entire sampling volume
  • Instantaneous Moisture Measurement
  • Averaging Mode to enable more measurements across a product surface to provide more information.
    Provides a five second average then stores the last 20 averages in memory.
  • Extended Operational Life for maximum productivity
    20 hours usage within a 24 hour period
  • 10 User Programmable Calibrations for different products
  • Simple Intuitive Operation
    The menu system is of the same simple format used within the MCT NIR series.
  • Lightweight ergonomic robust design
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