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 MCT 360 – ATEX 22

MCT 360-ATEX22

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The MCT 360-ATEX 22 has been manufactured in accordance with the Health and Safety Directive 94/9/EC and standards EN 61241-0/61241-1 which cover the general requirements for electrical apparatus for use in the presence of combustible dust, and more specific requirements relating to protection by enclosures.


  • Ex tD A22 IP6X T80°C  0°CLTa  50°C ATEX marking.
    The standard MCT 360 has been modified to ensure that it complies with Standards EN-61241-0/61241-1. The marking describes the means of protection and the operating limits. ( For further information please contact Process Sensors)
  • Stand-alone “smart” sensor design
    All data processing is completed within the sensor head eliminating the need for separate data boxes, interconnecting cables and conduit and simplifying installation
  • Up to 3 constituents
    Multiple measurements from a single sensor providing useful information for better process control without incurring additional installation and maintenance costs
  • Non Contact Measurement
    Minimal cleaning and maintenance
  • Instantaneous on-line measurement
    Ensures timely corrective action through automated or manual process adjustment
  • Choice of outputs direct from the sensor head
    Analog, RS232/485 and/or network options. The MCT 360-ATEX22 communicates directly to the plant’s data highway and can be simply reconfigured if he protocol changes
  • Pre Calibrated for Rapid Set-Up
  • Simple and reliable operation
    Adjustments, if required, are made using a minimal number of key strokes via the Intuitive Operator Interface or Viewer PC software.
  • Measurement Confidence
    Robust measurement algorithms combined with dual beam single detector technology result in stolid measurement performance
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