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 MRF Series on-line Radio Frequency

MRF Series on-line Radio Frequency Gauges

For a full product spec please download our product document.

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The MRF series are radio frequency based analysers that determine the moisture content through measurement of the dielectric constant of a product. The MRF comprises an antenna plus local RF generator enclosure and a processor/display unit with interconnecting cable.


  • Fully Representative Bulk Moisture Readings
    RF penetrates the entire sampling volume
  • Unaffected by sample PH or Colour
    Confidence in the measurement readings
  • Long term Stability
  • High Speed Measurement
    Ensures timely corrective action through automated or manual process adjustment
  • No moving parts
    No routine maintenance
  • Choice of antennae for a diverse range of applications
    Open frame for web and panel applications, circular or disc for duct installations, co-axial tube or pipe for liquid/paste applications and a multi-element array for web profiling.
  • Compensation input for Product Temperature
  • Internal Product Gating Facility
    Obviates the need for additional hardware
  • Simple and Reliable Operation
    Changes to operating parameters are effected using a minimal number of key strokes via the Intuitive Operator Interface.
  • Wide choice of field communications: analog
    Analog, serial or industrial bus
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