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 Profile Video Display System - PVDS


For a full product spec please download our product document.

AdobeThis document is an Adobe pdf file, if you cannot view the document then please download the software from here [download]


The PVDS is comprised of the :

  • MCT 360 NIR Transmitter
  • Automated Scanning Frame
  • PC complete with the Scanner S/W

The MCT 360 NISR sensor is mounted on the scanner and is programmed to moved continuously across the web..  Both the scanner and the MCT 360 communicate directly with the PVDS Scanner S/W.


  • Quick disconnect for sensor
  • Selection of scanning frame widths from 15cm – 550cm
  • Variable speed scanner – maximum speed 15cms-1
  • Wall, cabinet or arm mountable 38cm Flat-Panel Touch Screen Display
    Clearly visible and User Friendly
  • Simple intuitive Operator Interface
    The operating system design is intuitive….the menu logically runs through the set up of the gauge and the scanner controller and the Display Settings.
  • Moisture and/or coatweight and optional Product Temperature measurement
    Multiple measurements from a single sensor providing useful information for better process control without incurring additional installation and maintenance costs. Cross web profile of up to 3 constituents simultaneously.
  • Different display options
    2-10 can rolling average live profile, zone averages (1-50) or scan average
  • Measurement Confidence
    Robust measurement algorithms combined with dual beam single detector technology result in stolid measurement performance
  • Most cost effective NIR scanning system available
    The PVDS is the most economical scanning system on the market, and it is ideal for simple coating applications

Please note that this system is not designed for same spot differential scanning measurements.

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