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Why Measure?

It is essential that animal feed moisture content is monitored continuously as it

  • affects process ability: wet grass, fish meal, meat and bone meal,etc  can clog  screens and cause blockages, whereas dry material will result in an excess of fines and dust which is a potential explosion hazard.
  • enables optimisation of the drying process.  This results in lower energy usage, higher yields and more consistent product quality.
  • saves time and thus product, improving productivity and profitability
  • Impacts the storage properties of the product – Spoilage and decomposition will occur if the moisture level is too high
Many animal feeds are purchased on % moisture, Protein and Fat content .  The MCT 360  moisture sensor will enable the producer to optimise the ratio in order to get the best price for his animal feed.


Animal Feed Applications

Alfalfa Fish meal Spent grain
Bagasse Fish food pellets Sugar beet pulp Sugar Beet Pulp
Bone and meat meal Pet biscuits  
Corn meal Soy meal  


The MCT 360-FG in a food grade electroless nickel enclosure  is ideal for on-line measurement of moisture in animal feed. The MCT 360-FG moisture sensor sensor includes an air purge window to ensure that the gauge window and light path is kept free from dust, also a cooling panel which can be utilised together with a vortex cooler if the ambient temperature is typically above 45 degrees Celsius. A sapphire viewing window is available should product need to be viewed within a hopper. 

A high temperature MCT 330-HD is an economic on-line solution if high ambient temperatures mean that a vortex cooler would otherwise need to be used on a continuous basis.

An animal feed laboratory tester, the MCT 660 can be installed at-line or in a laboratory.  This will measure moisture, fat and protein in feed meal or  pellets simultaneously. 

Sugar Beet

A photocell can be attached to the gauge to hold the reading or force it to zero when product is absent. A product and maintenance alarm board can be fitted to provide an output should a reading exceed the set alarm limits or should a fault condition occur. Network options are also available.

Gauge outputs, Operator Interface & Display
Up to 3 x 4-20MA or 0-10V
RS232 or RS485
Optional bus
Optional Operator Interface and display unit

The measurement
The moisture sensor can be mounted to measure moisture in ground meal, grass, beet pulp or other material pre- or post- dryer or measure moisture in animal feed pellets after the extruder. The moisture gauge can provide a fat and * protein measurement in addition to moisture.
Note that * protein cannot be measured in wet grass or any other product with a high moisture content, also that the protein measurement is not as accurate as moisture and fat measurements owing to its relatively weak absorption.

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