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 Applications - Chemicals

Process Sensors Corporation Transmitters are used routinely in the manufacture of chemicals.

The Sensor's are often located after the dryers, extruders and chill rolls. Some fine powders are measured by using an Automatic Sample Probe which is attached to the sensor. Generally, the Transmitter is placed over a conveyor, usually at a distance of about 12 inches from the product.

When installing a Sensor, it is important to keep environmental temperature in mind, especially after a dryer outlet. For example, with the application of rubber crumb. If the temperature is above 60°C, it may be necessary to cool the Transmitter with air or water.

Calibrations for most chemicals have already been determined by Process Sensors Corporation so that the Transmitter is delivered pre-calibrated. Typical accuracies for moisture of chemicals are ± .2 compared to standard loss on drying.

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