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Process Sensors Corporation was founded in 1996 in Milford, Massachusetts, USA. There was a real need at the time for a cost-effective, reliable, stand-alone NIR Moisture Sensor. PSC developed the MT-100 Moisture Transmitter and introduced it successfully onto the marketplace. As the years have passed, the MT-100 was superseded by the MCT-200, 300 and now the MCT-360 Series of Moisture Meters, each variant being an upgrade in terms of resolution and processing capability.

Process Sensors Europe Ltd opened in 1998 in Thame, Oxfordshire, UK. PSE is now located in Corby, Northants within easy reach of the M1 and A1M. The PSE team have many years of experience with NIR Moisture Sensors working on a wide variety of applications. These include moisture in tobacco, moisture in wood chips and particle/fiberboard, moisture in paper and coat-weight measurements on paper and film, moisture and oil in snacks, e.g. crisps, extruded corn products. Also moisture in nuts, cereals, biscuits, coffee and milk powders. PSE provides sales, technical support, commissioning and service. Additionally PSE undertakes Applications projects and is actively involved in the development of new measurements and sensors.

PSE prides itself on supplying quality NIR Moisture Gauges, along with competent technical and commercial support to our customers and agents throughout the UK and Europe.

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