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MCT 360

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The MCT 360 is a multi-constituent non contact Near Infrared Transmitter designed to provide maximum on-line measurement information on high speed process lines and web applications, for more effective process control.


  • Stand-alone “smart” sensor design
    All data processing is completed within the sensor head eliminating the need for separate data boxes, interconnecting cables and conduit and simplifying installation
  • Up to 3 constituents and product temperature measurement
    Multiple measurements from a single sensor providing useful information for better process control without incurring additional installation and maintenance costs
  • Non Contact Measurement
    Minimal cleaning and maintenance
  • Instantaneous on-line measurement
    Ensures timely corrective action through automated or manual process adjustment
  • Choice of enclosures and mounting options
    Guarantees measurement performance under adverse environmental conditions: high temperature, low temperature, dust and explosive atmospheres and in locations where product is not presented on a conveyor but in a screw conveyor, gravity chute or vertical pipe.
  • Choice of outputs direct from the sensor head
    Analog, RS232/485 and/or network options. The MCT 360 communicates directly to the plant’s data highway and can be simply reconfigured if he protocol changes
  • Pre Calibrated for Rapid Set-Up
  • Simple and reliable operation
    Adjustments, if required, are made using a minimal number of key strokes via the Intuitive Operator Interface or Viewer PC software.
  • Measurement Confidence
    Robust measurement algorithms combined with dual beam single detector technology result in stolid measurement performance

The MCT 360 offers faster measurement speed than the MCT 300, this is advantageous when product is moving at speed, and in situations where the product composition is highly variable from spot to spot.

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