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 MCT 600P

MCT 600P

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The MCT 600P is a multi-constituent non contact static product bench-top Near Infrared Transmitter designed for use with samples that rapidly undergo surface drying, oxidation, or exhibit a lot of measurement variability owing to differences in surface appearance from sample to sample.


  • Durable practical sensor design
    Designed to withstand plant conditions this bench top unit will work effectively on the shop floor or in a laboratory. MCT 600P is housed within a pressed steel enclosure and incorporates an operator interface and a highly visible sampling button. MCT 600P can also be configured without the operator interface/display, data collection and calibration parameter changes are effected via the RS232.
  • Up to 3 constituents
    Multiple measurements from a single sensor provides more information
  • Non Contact Measurement
    Sample is placed in a glass Petri dish and is viewed by the gauge from below. Customised sample holding devices can be provided for individual applications. No part of the instrument comes into direct contact with the sample.
  • Pre Calibrated for Rapid Set-Up
  • Simple Operation
    A single button push procedure.
  • Rapid accurate analysis with none or little sample preparation
    Since this gauge is designed for use with products that don’t perform well using the more conventional MCT 600, product presentation is important and milling/homogenization will be necessary in many instances.
  • Choice of outputs
    RS232/485 and/or network options are available such that results can be imported directly into a LIMS or the MCT PC Viewer software which in addition to data handling s/w has the full functionality of the local keypad for remote access.
  • Measurement Confidence
    Robust measurement algorithms combined with dual beam single detector technology result in stolid measurement performance
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